Timber Fram Builders


Barn Conversions

We have converted multiple old farming buildings into barn conversion homes from which we have gained the knowledge and experience to create the most of these beautiful characterful structures.  We aim to maintain as much of the original character as possible by ensuring that our working methods are sympathetic to the way they were first built but also creating a new warm and clean interior suited to modern living.  Barn conversions are part of our countrysides heritage and we consider ourselves very lucky to work on these superbly constructed historical landmarks.   To the right is the exterior or a barn built in circa 1580.  once we had finished it became an impressive looking, unique home.


Extending a home is a cost effective alternative to moving when your circumstances change.  Extending your home can completely transform the character of a building and potentially increase the resale value far beyond the cost of the work carried out.  We are highly experienced in extending peoples homes and consider ourselves to be very conscientious when working inside our customers dwelling ensuring that their privacy is maintained and that the works have as minimal impact on the household as is possible.  We go above and beyond to ensure that this potentially stressful process is as easy as it can be.


A Kitchen is the heart of the home and as such we take great care and pride in our installations whether they are large, small,  handmade bespoke or "off the shelf".

  With our handmade kitchens we compete with the leading shop bought kitchens on price and in our opinion our kitchens are far supiriour in quallity that will serve you for years to come.  We also offer a customer lead, no obligation, free design service.  Creating our own bespoke kitchens enables us to give you a complete tailoured service that will aid you in creating a beautiful, cost effective and practicle kitchen forfilling all of your expectations and achieving your dream kitchen.   For more information and free no obligation quotations please visit the contact us page.

Design and build

We have an in house design service that means from the start to the finish of a project you may only need to deal with one person.  We have found that this takes a potentially stressful situation and makes it a very pleasant one allowing the customer to continue with their lives and focus on the aspects of the build that are of importance to them rather than being bogged down in the detail. 

New  build

New build homes are a necessity for the growing demand for housing in this country.  We pride ourselves on producing work that is at the top end of the new build spectrum and are happy to work alongside property developers, contractors and members of the public who require this level of service.  We feel very strongly that the modern building is a state of the art organism that cohabits with the environment equating to sustainable living and longevity of the building itself.

The pictures on this page show a new home that we assisted a locally property developer to build.  We installed the roof a nd other structural elements along with the "mock Tudor" detailing shown on this gable in order to fit in with the surrounding period properties.


During the course of a project there is almost always the need for joinery such as interior and exterior doors, windows, stairs, etc.  We work with "off the shelf joinery" from local suppliers but also create bespoke items when shop bought cannot fulfil the specification.  The list of products we create is constantly getting longer as more and more of our customers like to take advantage their space efficiently where bespoke joinery is essential.

Timber Frame

Timber framed builds are becoming ever more popular as people are moving toward a sustainable solution for the housing demand.  The common misconceptions are steadily being dispelled and it is becoming more apparent that this type of build enjoys as much longevity as a brick built structure, higher insulation performance and at a lower cost.